About Kagin’s

Kagin’s The Nation’s Oldest Family Owned Numismatic Firm

For over three quarters of a century, Kagin’s has maintained its position as  one of the nation’s most highly regarded and diversified full service numismatic firms. Kagin’s reputation for service, commitment, and performance is supported by a staff of world-renowned numismatists and a team of marketing, finance and administrative professionals.

Kagin’s can trace its corporate beginnings to the late 1920’s, when A.M. ‘Art’ Kagin’s lifetime passion with numismatics began as a teenage interest in collecting error coins.  Soon after, that interest turned into a profession and Art joined the Hollinbeck Coin and Stamp Company as a staff numismatist.  In 1933, Art established the Kagin family’s first numismatic offices in Des Moines, Iowa. Since then, Art Kagin’s career as a numismatist has been marked by many highlights including the title “Dean of Numismatics.”

Over the next seven decades, Art and his family’s passion for numismatics solidified Kagin’s worldwide reputation as one of the industry’s preeminent numismatic firms.

Today Kagin’s is headquartered in Northern California.  Over the years the firm has built an extensive network of clients, contacts and inventory resources. Kagin’s continues to grow in response to an increased demand and moving market trends. Led by the company’s President, Donald H. Kagin, the firm’s commitment to excellence has been manifested by employing some of the greatest numismatic minds, including Kenneth Bressett, Dr. George Fuld, Ron Howard, and David McCarthy. Kagin’s is dedicated to delivering innovative numismatic services in a changing world, and provides expert numismatic services for museums, governments, banks and trust departments, money managers, financial planners, and collectors.