The Saddle Ridge Hoard has thus far been featured on the following notable outlets. For media inquiries, please view the press release and contact us.

ABC News: California Couple Finds $10M Buried Treasure in Back Yard

BBC News: Saddle Ridge Hoard: Buried gold coin stash ‘worth $10m’

Coin News: Saddle Ridge Hoard of Buried Gold Coins Authenticated by PCGS

CBS: NorCal Couple Finds $10M In Gold Coins; May Be Greatest Buried Treasure Ever Found In U.S.

CNN: California couple strikes gold after finding $10 million in rare coins

Daily Mail: California couple strikes gold after finding $10million of 19th century coins buried on their property

Fox News: Gold Rush! CA Couple Finds Buried Rare Coin Stash

Good Morning America: News clip not yet online

International Business Times: As Saddle Ridge Hoard Gold Coins Are Set To Hit The Market, A Rare Coin Expert Talks About How Numismatics Has Evolved To Boost Investor Confidence

Mashable: Californian Couple Finds $10 Million Worth of Gold Coins in Tin Can

National Geographic: Who Buried the $10 Million in Coins Found by a California Couple—and Why?

NY Daily News: Northern California couple find $10M worth of rare gold coins buried on property

Reuters: California couple finds $10 million in buried treasure while walking dog

Salon: Calif. couple strike $10 million gold-coin bonanza

SFGate: Gold Country couple discover $10 million in buried coins

Time: The Law of Finders-Keepers and What Happens When You Find Buried Treasure

USA Today: Calif. couple unearths Gold Rush coins worth $10M

Wikipedia: Saddle Ridge Hoard